The persons behind this portal emphasize the differences between God and religion.
Unfortunately, In order to illustrate this example, the secret intricacies of certain religious functions had to be revealed.
We stress that this is not done in order to perpetuate any type of conflicts or add to the bitter confusion which already exists within this world!
If you are outraged by some of these truths, then unfortunately, it is highly probably that you have succumbed to the traps which we warn everyone against. Some governments separate church and state. We separate God, from all churches, religion, cults, sects, governments and idol worship. God is our Creator and he has left a distinct code of behavior to follow. Current religious dysfunction has destroyed God's objective and has blinded future generations from discovering the truth! We will fight and stride forward peacefully in order to show you what is happening on today's planet and help you discover the truth about God. Destruction is the opposite of Creation and we always encourage you to monitor the influences of evil within yourself.
We encourage you to use your mind and control any negative and destructive impulses and emotions for they serve to position you against your Creator!