On the left side below is the antique dragon's portraits adored and worshiped publicly in European nations in Hare Kryshna groups in India and also in many Asian countries and elsewhere!
On the right side below is one of the thousands of 'Black Madonna' paintings, which has sword cuts, which is described at John's Revelation chapter 13.
How characteristic the fact is, that the stupidity of Roman Catholic religion is so strong and its rituals are still intact from hundreds of years ago with proof of cuts from sword on the Czestochowa Madonna's original painting. In this case the dragon had not enough power to warn its followers to remove these proofs, and maybe he wanted and still wants to demean their victims more!
The Apostle John, author of chapter 13 of Revelation, with improbable dexterity foresaw the dragon's work, which uses a trick judging that nobody would uncover this. I am sure that in this prophecy is hidden to many persons. Satan (devilish Moses or his angel) who thinks the prophecy is clear and easy but nobody will understand it and it will be until end of our civilization.
Our Creator's work can be counted in billions years, but our civilization only in thousands. Beginning of our civilization qualify in some dates but the end is predictable also. Therefore what is it about? We are born to die not having influence on far-reaching events, which function often without our part.
Only thanks to inspired prophecies and sincere people who possess such gifts of interpretation and real understanding can we read what intentions our holy Creator has for us and what evil is in the dragon who looks for the proverbial 'whip' to accuse us.
We will all experience God's judgement sooner or later and devil (devilish Moses or his angel) will accuse us. I discovered conspiracy of the Roman-Catholic Church, Orthodox Churches and other similar churches. Their trick is contrived and carried out blatantly and I will prove with evidence step by step and show that I am absolute right.
On the face of Madonna picture is cut from sword, which exactly identify Satan, who uses virgin Mary as 'Madonna.' This misrepresentation causes distortions to Jesus Christ's true teachings, which destroys true Christianity.