There is no portrait that was, or is now so famous as the portrait of a woman with a child in her hands called Black Madonna, which has a wound from a sword-stroke! The warning prophecy from bible book of Revelation shows every identifying proof to the portrait of a woman holding a child as awfully dangerous in the whole history of the earth!
The painting of Black Madonna became a prototype for similar paintings and the inspiration to make million of copies by the Roman-Catholic and Orthodox Churches. It is absolute proof that the author of Revelation wrote about this painting.
The name Jasna Gora (sanctuary of Mary) as well as Czestochowa (town) came together and today very often they are used equally. By comparison one can say that Jasna Gora (the Bright Mountain) and Czestochowa are like The Vatican and Rome.
The Vatican is as Jasna Gora and Rome is as Czestochowa.
The prince of Poland Wladyslaw Opolczyk (1326-1401) himself made a ceremonious foundation and gave the painting, which supposedly represents the virgin Mary with baby Jesus in her hands which today is called the painting of Madonna of Czestochowa or in other words 'Black Madonna.'
The portraits' creator/s and its age and exact origin are sill unknown. The painting for its time (hundreds of years ago) had an extraordinary look; it was made with strange and rare techniques. That is why it caused peoples' great interest and they liked it very much.
In a short time then this painting famous for its miracles started to gain great apprehension not only in Poland but also in neighboring countries. The prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk himself stated that due to the portrait he gained victory over Tataric and Lithuanian armies in Belz.
The Bible clearly warns us against this painting which will 'do miracles' yet shall be delusive.
In the year 1430 the monastery of Jasna Gora was attacked by the Husy (a fraction of the Protestant Church) who plundered the painting of its valuable decorations and also cut the face of Madonna with a sword.
Suspicions exist that the attack had a twofold purpose: robbery and religious - anti Mary. The destruction of the painting is a sign of this.
The reconstruction of the painting took up to four years. The Polish painters who were not able to repaint the painting were replaced. The paint they put on the portrait flowed down. At this juncture the painting gained even more reputation. It was said that it is extraordinary and that it has some supernatural characteristics. It was decided that some Czechoslovakian painters be brought. Their work gave the desired effect.
The latest analysis discovered that the difficulties in reconstruction of the portrait were not caused by any extraordinary supernatural characteristics of this portrait. It was simply painted with waxen paint with different pigments layed on it while hot through which caused it not to accept any water paints, which the Polish painters used. The latest findings proved that that the painter who reconstructed the painting crushed with an etching-needle the cuts (scars) in chalk relish and painted them with a darker paint which was to imitate the sword-slash of the cheek of the Black Madonna.

On the right cheek of the Black Madonna there are two big engravings that run transversally from half of the cheek and slightly expand near the neck; they are cut by a third transverse. Near the neck and forehead are six engravings, which are less visible.
This verse warns us not to give in to this painting which 'does miracles' to which its identity is the sign of sword wound.
The verse can be interpreted in logical understanding: a certain painting shall be destroyed by the sword and shall once again be revived to its original look by its reconstruction. For remembrance on the painting shall be left the signs of the scars made by a sword.
After it was reconstructed the painting gained even greater reputation through which there was a great increase in the number of people visiting the monastery in Jasna Gora (the Bright Mountain).
The pilgrimage guidebook of Jasna Gora in 1626 says the following about the painting of Black Madonna: "....we have come here so as to see you on this wonderful painting most holy virgin Mary. Thou at the most adorned gem of the Christian Church. Thou at the clear fame of our kingdom which flows out from this place to all Christianity."
Considering the above statement one can classify its author/s as antichrists as they who diminish the role of the Lord Jesus Christ in the plan to save the world become His enemy!
One known famous author wrote in his work about the Black Madonna portrait:
"The portrait of Jasna Gora unites supposedly the symbolic bracket of the Byzantine East and the Western Latin culture."
The monastery of Jasna Gora experienced several attacks from the Swedish but was never overcome.

Scars on the face
of Black Madonna.
It is not possible that the message about the painting with a scar dose not concern to the painting of Black Madonna, whilst it is the only portrait with this information
Scars on the face
of Black Madonna.
It is not possible that the message  about the painting with a scar dose not concern to the painting of Black Madonna, whilst it is the only portrait with this information