Verse 15 tells us about the painting that performs miracles. Isn't it like that? Many people have experienced miracles, even maybe delusions. How many people insist that they saw the vision of Mary in the sky or other so called 'miracles?'
Verse 16 tells that all will receive mark of the beast.
Doesn't it surprise you that in our times which rank among the most modern in human civilization with regards to politics, that the so-called, defender of the Polish nation wears the symbol of the Black Madonna on the lapel of his jacket? Perhaps this marks the beginning of his future duties?

Verse 17 tells clearly that the Roman-Catholic Church preferred and still even strongly prefers the painting of Black Madonna to be in every home. An example is the fact that if we refuse to accept the picture of Mary at the time of its journey from home to home, there are restrictions imposed on the family of a kind of refusal of church services like: refusal of wedding, funeral, first communion for children, etc. Many people have experienced that.